Fiber Arts in Vermont is a non-profit membership organization that supports and encourages all creative fiber arts, provides a wide range of educational opportunities within this venue, coordinates resources, and fosters an atmosphere of communication within the fiber arts community.

Fiber people always seem to find each other. So it was for a group of women who met every other week at each others’ homes to spin, weave, quilt, knit, crochet and yes, hook! Driven by our passion for fiber, we dreamed of creating an organization dedicated to the preservation of all the fiber arts. Dream became reality and Fiber Arts in Vermont was born.

Fiber Arts in Vermont, Inc. received its Certificate of Incorporation September 16, 2003, and the Ladies began to teach fiber arts in our homes, studios, and community spaces. When the retail space at the corner of Depot Street and Route 131 in Proctorsville became available, we jumped on it and six weeks later, on August 19, 2006, we celebrated the opening of Six Loose Ladies Yarn Shop.

Our shop operates with an all-volunteer staff of fiber-holics. We offer one-on-one instruction in many fiber arts as well as biannual classes with expert guest instructors. Sit & Knit is on Sunday afternoons, although it isn't just for knitters, of course.

The original Six Ladies are Gail Brown, Micki Smith-Darnauer, Ann Dortch, Anne Gottier, Sandy Gregg, Suzanne Lawler, Paulette Martel, Wendy Regier, and Pang Ting. Some of these Ladies have moved on, many more have joined us over the years, bringing their own fiber expertise, humor, movie recommendations and cake recipes.

You can become a Lady just by showing up, or make it official by becoming a member of Fiber Arts in Vermont. Some of the myriad benefits of membership are:

  • Class Discounts
  • 10% Discount on all non-consignment merchandise at Six Loose Ladies Yarn Shop
  • Use of our extensive fiber arts lending library

We encourage members to become active participants by volunteering at the shop, demonstrating their skills at local events, and by serving on the Board.