Knit Knite is every Thursday from 5-8pm. The Ladies like to get together, not only to knit, also to crochet or spin or make teddy bears. Gentlemen who prefer fiber have also been known to join in the fun. It's a good time so come if you:

  • Want to meet new people
  • Need to consult with an Experienced Knitter
  • Would like to learn to knit or crochet - young Ladies too!
  • Will never finish that project unless you schedule it into your life 
  • Have baked more cookies than you can eat on your own

The Ladies are Warm, Friendly, and not at all cliquish. We are thrilled and delighted to welcome new Ladies, so please don't feel shy about showing up. Ladies visiting from out-of-town should not hesitate to drop in. We will, of course, encourage you to relocate.