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Drop Spindle Spinning

Instructor: Nancy Kelly

Saturday, February 9th 1-4pm (snow day Feb 10th)

Whether we use a rock, stick, spindle or wheel to spin our yarn we must first become a master/mistress of twist if we want to make yarn! Therefore, the initial focus of this class is learning about twist, how it works in fiber, and how we can control it. Once you understand twist we will practice building up twist, drafting the fiber, then letting the twist enter the drafted fiber using the park and draft technique of drop spindling. When you are comfortable doing this one step at a time we will try flowing from one step to the next with the drop spindle spinning away. With practice you can confidently spin the yarn of your dreams!

This class has a $20 materials fee for spindle and fiber to be paid to the instructor on the day of the class.

Fee: FAVT Member $30; Non Member $45

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Toe Up Socks

Instructor: Mara Novak

Date: Saturday, February 16th 1-4pm (snow day Feb 17th)


Looking for a portable project? You can have too many hats, and you can definitely have too many scarves, but you can never have too many socks! Once you learn sock construction fundamentals, you will be able to create anything from thick snuggly house socks to lacy foot confections, and everything in between.

Why begin at the toe?

  •       When you’re done, you’re done. Seamless toes.

  •       Try your socks on as you go. A perfect fit every time.

  •       Easy heel turns. No picked-up stitches. No holes around the gusset.

  •       Anxiety-free. No running out of yarn three rows before you’re done.

You will learn:

        Judy’s Magic cast-on.

        Two toe constructions.

        Two heel constructions.

        Magic Loop.

        How to knit two socks at the same time.

        How to knit socks in any size with any yarn without a pattern.

        How to customize a generic sock with your own colorwork or stitches.

        Plain and fancy bind-offs that will stretch.

Required Materials:

 White or light-colored worsted weight yarn – choose something easy to work with: two or more plies with a high wool content. Can be leftovers. We will be knitting mini sample socks to learn the techniques. Save your good sock yarn for real socks!         Circular needle at least 12” long.     Stitch markers.

Fee: FAVT Member $30; NonMember $45 Class is Full

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Crochet Button Necklace


Instructor: Carol Collins

Date: Saturday, March 2 10-2pm

We’ll be creating a necklace by crocheting cotton or linen cording as a foundation, then crocheting buttons onto that band. There are so many different ways you can choose to make your necklace. It can be long or short, simple or complicated. You can choose to make your necklace with only a few buttons or with many buttons. Naturally, the longer and more buttons you choose to use, the longer it takes to complete the necklace. I will recommend that in general we choose a shorter one with a smaller # of buttons for your first one. Then when you know the method, you can make longer and more complicated ones.

I will bring a # of necklaces I’ve made that you can handle and try on, if you like, also photos of necklaces I’ve made and sold, so that you can decide which way you want to go with yours. I will bring ‘packs’ of buttons and crocheting material that you can purchase, if you’d like to.

Materials List; Bring several different very small crochet hooks. I will help you match the size of the crochet hook you will need, to the ‘yarn’ you are crocheting. Keep in mind that the crochet hook will need to be able to go through the holes in the buttons. Bring a pair of scissors, a collection of buttons that you have selected for your necklace, if you have them. Remember that I will bring buttons and cording (crocheting yarn) you can purchase.

Fee: $30 FAVT Members, $45 Non-Members

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The Silk Experience with Robin Russo

Day 1 Saturday, April 27


In the morning, we will learn all about silk, it’s properties,  history, science and geography. We will examine silk fabrics and threads with magnification devices;   reel (unravel) cocoons;   and stretch cocoons over frames to make silk hankies (mawata).   On Day 1 in the afternoon, we will spin samples of a variety of silks in many forms of preparation.  We will also blend silk with other fibers to see how different fibers can complement each other.  A spinning wheel or drop spindle is necessary for the afternoon portion of this class.  Handcarders would also be helpful, but not necessary.

Day 2, Sunday, April 28

In the morning we will make 6+ pieces of silk paper. Also called silk fusion or silk felt, the final product can be used in many different ways. In the afternoon, while the paper is drying, we will create a piece of felt using silk brick or mawatas as the surface embellishment.  You will have lots of choices of color and surface design elements for the Day 2 projects.  I will also show you how I use my silk felt and silk paper in a variety of projects.  Participants might want to bring an apron or wear old clothes.

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Learn to Knit


This one hour introductory class will get you started. Learn to cast-on, the knit stitch, and cast off. If time allows we’ll teach you the purl stitch. You will go away with all the skills you need to knit your first scarf.

We will provide the hook and yarn or you can bring your own.

We will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

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Learn to Crochet

This one hour introductory class will get you started. Learn a chain cast on, and some basic single and double crochet stitches. You will go away with all you need to crochet your first scarf

We will provide the hook and yarn or you can bring your own.

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Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons: $15/hour. You tell us what you’d like to learn and we’ll connect you with an instructor. You and the instructor will work out a time for your lesson.

Just a few suggestions...


  • Magic Loop

  • Mobius

  • Cables

  • Socks

  • Fair Isle

  • Intarsia

  • Knit to Fit

  • Entrelac

  • Beautiful Buttonholes

  • Steeks

  • Fixing Your Knitting Mistakes

  • Knitting in the Round

  • Knitting from the Top Down


  • Basic Techniques

  • Flowers

  • Doilies

  • Filet


  • Drop Spindle

  • Wheel

  • Spinning Colored Rovings

  • Art Yarns

Drum Carding

  • Color Blending

  • Art Batts


  • Wet Felting

  • Needle Felted Critters

  • Knitted Felted Clogs & Bags


  • Paste Paper

  • Book Making

Circular Sock Machine

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Class Cancellation Policy

  • Three or more weeks prior to class Full Refund

  • Less than three weeks regardless of the reason 50% Refund

  • If you fail to attend without notification, no refund will be given.

  • If we cancel a class, you will be notified immediately and will receive a full refund