Six Loose Ladies is a cooperative shop run and staffed entirely by volunteers. Why? Because sometimes you have to create the shop you wish you had, so that's what we did. Since we are an eclectic crew, we have a wide range of fibers and tools for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and felters. We carry all of our favorite brands of yarn (and hopefully your favorites too) as well as many produced by local fiber farmers, spinners, and dyers.

The shop is as much a social as a commercial enterprise, creating a venue where we can meet other Ladies who love the fiber arts as much as we do. It is not unusual to find an impromptu kaffeeklatsch or a quick crochet tutorial. Knitting in a snarl? Bring it in and we'll see what we can do. Other fiber dilemmas? We're here to help. And if the volunteer "Shop Sitter" doesn't have the answer you need, she can put you in touch with the Lady who does.

We're always looking to increase our roster of Ladies. What do you have to do to join? Come in and pull up a chair.

If you want to make it official, you can become a member of Fiber Arts in Vermont, our parent organization, and receive, among other benefits, a shop and class discount.