October 5 & 6 - Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival

The “Ladies” will be there in the drop in and spin area, giving people a chance to try their hand at spinning on a wheel or drop spindle.

October 17 - Furliscious

The fur will fly on Thursday, October 17 at 6:00. This event is 100% genuine fake fur, 100% real fun and 100% free. (To be clear, the event is free; the yarn is inexpensive, but not quite free.) Please call the shop ahead at 875-7373 to reserve your place.

Ongoing Events

Knit with Friends

Wednesdays 10-12

Knit Knite

Thursdays 5-8


Knit with Friends and Knit Knite are our weekly gatherings, not strictly to knit, of course, but also to crochet or spin or any other portable project. Gentlemen who prefer fiber have also been known to join in the fun. We have coffee and snacks in the morning and sweets in the evenings (many Ladies like to bake). It's a good time to visit if you:

  • Like to meet new people

  • Need to consult with an Experienced Knitter

  • Would like to learn to knit or crochet - young and old alike!

  • Will never finish that project unless you make time to work on it every week

  • Have baked more cookies than you can eat on your own

The Odd Bobbins Spinners

Second Sundays 2-4

The Odd Bobbins meet monthly to spin in company, exchange fiber, and learn from each other. Occasional guest instructors and fiber producers.

The Ladies are warm, friendly, and not at all cliquish. We are thrilled and delighted to welcome new Ladies and Gents, so please don't feel shy about showing up. There is no fee and you don't have to use yarn or fiber purchased at our shop.

Ladies and Gents visiting from out-of-town should not hesitate to join us. We will, of course, encourage you to relocate to Chester.